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My first Action Camera

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  • My first Action Camera

    Hello everyone.
    I am new here and also new possessor of an Action Camera YDI G80
    I purchased one (based on a good review on amazon UK) and while recording a could here, on play back, intermittent screeching noise. I got new replacement, (I have the old one too) which seems to be working OK.
    This one is equipped with Novatek 96660 Chipset and SONY 079 Sensor, seller claims.
    Most of you have knowledge regarding these action cameras. The market is polluted with lots of these, now most of them are ready for 4k.
    What i would like to know:
    1) its really that good that the reviewer sold all the other (GoPros) and kept this one?
    2) it is possible to flash the old firmware with the new one?
    New firmware is NTK96660/F 20171031V4.0
    Old one is NTK96660/F 20170926V3.0
    Thank you.