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Missing USB Mode! Please help.

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  • Missing USB Mode! Please help.

    I have bought one of these action cameras for my kid and from details gathered in this forum I identified it as a beike with imx179s, RF2017 with FW dated 20171020.
    The firmware seems to be one of the newest as all others found for the cam are older by at least a couple of months.
    Still the camera seems to be missing one of the most important features, the USB connection to PC.
    When I connect the camera via USB I have only two options "PC camera" and "charging mode".

    From my end I am still not familiar enough to try and downgrade the fw as I don't want to risk bricking it.
    I have uploaded it's firmware to a Dropbox provided in another post by petesimon maybe others can help.

    Is there any other way of downloading the media from the camera apart from taking out the SD card and using a card reader?

    Thanks For your help.


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    hello. where is the link for "uploaded it's firmware to a Dropbox provided in another post by petesimon" ?

    maybe messing with the firmware is too much for "fixing" the "USB Mode" data connection to PC when USB card readers are less than $1 USD and you could take the sdcard out of the cam and put it into a reader.


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      Hi Pete and thanks for the prompt answer.

      To upload the fw, I used the link below without any authentication:

      "Share your firmware files without an account.
      Upload your firmware files to this online folder:
      link -"

      Firmware file was named accordingly with the "20171020" identifying the date.

      Regarding card readers, I have a cardreader, but since the camera was given to an 8 year old kid, it is easier for him to just connect the camera to the PC like normal cameras.

      What are the risks in downgrading the firmware to one which has this functionality?



      • petesimon
        petesimon commented
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        okay. thanks for sharing it: "RE Muscat -"
        download link here -

        What are the risks in downgrading the firmware to one which has this functionality?
        video quality may decrease, other functions may stop working such as Wifi, etc. You may need to try different firmware files to get the greatest amount of working functions and least amount of "broken" functions.

        Your camera Product is Beike but Fuxin firmware also works. Possibly other Product firmware works too. Be sure to match Sensor, LCD and Wifi specifications. Watch this tutorial video at TIME 13:50 to flash firmware to the camera
        However, LCD spec in other firmware can sometimes be changed to match your camera LCD spec.

        your detail FW info:
           Allwinner V3 
           beike 4k30imx179s-sdv
        Short id:  
        OEM id:  
        Camera type:  
        FW orig. date:  
        FW mod. date:  
        Camera name:  
           RF 2017
        LCD model:  
        LCD resolution:  
        LCD count:  
        Sensor model:  

      • nutsey
        nutsey commented
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        Wow! This firmware adds Sony IMX175 sensor support, which is slower than IMX179, but anyway it can provide full-res 4K/8M sensor readout at 30 fps in 16:9 ratio.
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      Thanks for the information provided as this was the info I was after.
      Happy new year all!


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        Hi All,
        An update on this firmware, DO NOT USE IT!
        This firmware changes the SD Card to RAW (probably by corrupting the MBR), making it impossible to retrieve the photos since it has no "USB Connection" option.
        The media is still viewable from the camera but to retrieve content you have to use a special software.



        • petesimon
          petesimon commented
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          huh! are you saying when you put an sd card into the camera, power on the camera (not USB connection), go to settings menu and Format

          and record video, take photos, power OFF the camera, remove sd card from the camera, and put the sd card into a computer... you will see nothing?

          By the way, have you tried to change the original firmware to other Beike firmware or Fuxin firmware in your camera?
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