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Help Allwinner V3 IMX179 use as FPV camera

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  • Help Allwinner V3 IMX179 use as FPV camera

    Hi Everyone, Thanks for all the hard work.
    I have the Fuxin IMX179 action Camera and was hoping to set it up as an FPV camera with the USB cable available for other cameras.
    I can not find a TV mode in the settings and have tried the other Fuxin 179 firmware and they all seem basically the same.

    Anyone know if its possible before I dismantle this thing and most likely brick it trying to solder an video out and ground wire

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    hello. I would love to see a person solder wires inside the chassis and get either digital or analog video out!


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      If I attempt it its probably going to end in tears


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        They have to be a way because when the camera is plugged into pc-usb the camera boots to the options menu which is USB Mode,PC Mode,Charge Mode and if we could figure out how to make the camera boot to this menu when powering from 5v receiver which works fine all we have to do is select PC Mode and works perfect. I have tried soldering connectors several ways but can't figure out how to get it to trigger the menu like when plugged into USB from PC. Someone has to know how to make it work, come on guys & gals lets crack this I know its possible. If the cam can be used as a web-cam through USB-Out then they are video coming out of USB Port ??????


        • nutsey
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          I suppose that the only way to get AV-out for these cams is to use an HDMI to AV adapter.

        • petesimon
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          the hardware that nutsey mentions is something like this I suppose. I've never tried one.

          you could use the unfex-refex scripts pack, use unfex.bat, and unpack_bootimg.bat, look in " boot-root \ initrd " folder, edit one or more .rc text files there to try to change the behavior of the cam for USB. and pack a new bootimg using repack_bootimg.bat, and pack a new full_img.fex using refex.bat

          * there is sometimes a bug about unpacking and packing 2-system.img or full_img.fex, so you may need to use Cygwin environment for that

          look in this online folder
          for file (5.63 MB)

          let me know what happens.
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