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Which Camera is it? Allwinner V3 G9024BA 6AE1 from UpAir One Drone

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  • Which Camera is it? Allwinner V3 G9024BA 6AE1 from UpAir One Drone

    (Triplecam? TC03_MIAN_V100?)

    Hello together,

    i am a noob according to all your knowledge that you are presenting here...and great respect what you guys are doing!!!

    Maybe somebody can help me or at least feels like ;-)

    My problem that i have is, that my drone UPAir One Version 4 with a 2.7K camera ( some owners said, that the 2.7K does also 4K ) was recording "only" with 2K...this is also what was displayed on my FPV monitor. According to hundreds of other 2.7K droners, they can change resolution by holding the photo button on the receiver for a few seconds and then the resolution will change from 2k to 2.7K (some also 4K), to 1080 ...mine did not work like described. So i contacted the seller/manufacturer and they told me the same procedure and not really willing to help me.
    So i found a droners website who has really good experiance into the deep for this drone and he had an description for updating the firmware.
    It was quite good described and all needed software was delivered. The program for creating is PhoenixCard 3.1.0
    So i created the image, saved it to the micro SD Card and tried it out...but with no success. Camera was still working, exept, when the sd card was inside it started to flip i removed SD Card, switched it back on, plugged SD Card inside...everything was fine! Recording video, taking pictures...all good...but still 2K and problem when i switched it on with SD Card inside.
    So i decided to push the reset button (little bit hidden) ...after pressing this button for a few seconds, the blue light wasn't glowing or flashing like bevore.
    Normaly when i plugged a micro USB Cable into the camera, the blue light will permanently on...not anymore after pushing the reset button!

    So, now i have a drone, that has no camera anymore and a new camer costs nearly as much as the complete drone! The Camera comes with gimbal only!

    Does anybody has got an idea, how i can revive my camera and what brand/type is it?
    Is it possible to revive?

    The UpAir One Drone Version 1/2 had a firefly 6S as a camera and then they changed the model to this one (like mine)...the circuit board has got connectors for abattery, propably a LCD.
    The Camera is connected to the gimbal with that long plug at the backside (7 Pins; green, black, brown, white,yellow,red,blue)
    The blue circuit board is for the gimbal and OSD

    Camera Specs: 2.7K full HD camera with Sony CMOS sensor 8MP Pictures (Triplecam? TC03_MIAN_V100?)

    The drone:

    Many thanks to all of you which can help me.

    Sorry for my bad english... i am from germany

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    Some more pics


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      Hello. Where did you get that firmware update?
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      • petesimon
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        i have the same question. furthermore, what was the version and dates and other details of the firmware file that you tried to load into the camera?

        if the camera has its own LCD, do you see a white screen or black screen there when you power on the camera (and drone) ?

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      The Firmware is from a website for Drones :

      There you find all Informations and downloads for it...if you want, i can attach them here as well!?

      When i created the Firware for my SD card with that PhoenixCard-Tool and was reading the SD Card after creating the image...the SD was empty!!

      Thanks for your answers


      • petesimon
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        holy crapoly batman! the zip file on that website contains a different data for 3 different cameras. if you look inside "Camera procedure" folder, there are three firmware files:

        "jitian_dv_anolog_20170104.img" probably for Allwinner V3s F60C or similar camera. the full_img.fex firmware file inside is 8388608 bytes size. See this post #237 and expand / open all comments to see all the information about this camera type.

        "jitian_dv_digital_1217.img" probably for some kind of Allwinner V3(s) camera but not sure at all, because the full_img.fex firmware file inside is 8257536 bytes size, and I have never seen that before. So I don't know how to dig into it and examine it.

        "SPHOST.BRN" probably for any one of many "Eken" type of cameras that have a Sunplus chip inside, such as a W9 or H9 but not sure. the file is 8907485 bytes size. I would avoid this file unless you are 110% sure that you can successfully use it.

        Also I generally do _not_ recommend using the PhoenixCard tool unless you know what you're doing and what the risks are. I am clumsy so I don't use it, but instead use PhoenixSuit (and have several times used PhoenixUSBPro).

        Lastly, please answer my questions: if the camera has its own LCD, do you see a white screen or black screen there when you power on the camera (and drone) ?
        and do you have a backup copy of the original camera firmware (not from a website) ?
        ... and we will go from here ...
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      Hi petesimon...thanks for your help!

      No, it does not have a LCD (so it has not white or blackscreen )
      The Picture is directly send to the drone via the 7 pin connector and gets some OSD from the drone where the picture gets send via a 5.8GHz transmitter to my RC Transmitter Monitor

      But last days, i had the chance t swap my camera (analog-FW)) against a other camera (digital-Firmware)...exactly the same camera, but with different firmware (digital)

      Digital Version is for the same drone, but Video signal gets send via wifi (not wifi from comes with separate wifi transmitter in the drone)
      This digiatl camera is working 100% and i get a picture on my monitor...exept i am missing all OSD on my monitor which is a must have t fly (i get the voltage for drone battery, hight, direction, flight modus)

      So my problem now is, to change firmware from digital to analog.
      If i understood you correctly, i should save my image first!?
      I tried to connect the camera to the computer via the micro USB cable...i get a blue light if i do so...buit computer will not even detect the camera...or tells me that there is a new device so i am able t install any drivers for it.

      The SPHOST.BRN File is for a 4K camera (which i do not have!...some drone-pilots are saying, that the 2.7K drones are also a 4K drone/camera...just reduced via hidden buttons to 2.7k)

      According to your investigation, the 4K File (SPHOST.BRN) is for a different kind of camera (EKEN, W9,H9)

      I used the PhoenixCard tool only like it is described in that Word document (2.7K camera upgrade procedure tutorial.docx)

      Many thanks


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        If i understood you correctly, i should save my image first!?
        YES. always backup camera firmware before tweaking / tinkering with the cam.

        Hello. woh. I'm a bit lost about what camera you want to usually / most often use now. Please choose one camera that you intend to use most often /usually. Please give us details about the camera that you want to use -- take photos of the front of the camera body, and take photos of the front and rear and top of the camera when the camera is powered on. Try to open a firmware version or firmware info screen of the camera and take a photo of that too .. or write in a message the numbers and letters that you see on the fw info screen. Share all the photos here, and afterwards, we will continue to diagnose and hopefully solve the problem(s) of the cam.
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