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Furibee F60 (Allwinner V3+IMX179) still images problem

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  • Furibee F60 (Allwinner V3+IMX179) still images problem

    Hello, I have Furibee F60 camera which I use with my Bugs 3 drone. I am actually pretty impresed with the video quality for the price (around 20$ on Gearbest).
    However, I tend to use it for still shots because video is a bit shaky (no gimbal on drone) and I get much better quality in still shots than frame exporting from video. The problem happens when I set camera to take auto pictures every 3 seconds so I can take pictures while in air. The camera freezes randomly (screen goes black and blue led stays on and I have to remove the battery to restart the camera).
    When I record video, there is no problem at all, even on 4K (of course interpolated).
    Any ideas? I tried 2 different memory cards, one of them is class 10, other one not sure... same thing with both, video works fine, auto picture taking freezes randomly...
    Would firmware update help in this case? Any other suggestions?

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    Problem solved. Used lower resolution for pictures. I used 8 Mp with no quality loss because 16 Mp is interpolated anyway.