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  • PhoenixCard Recovery

    Allwinner android SOCs will always check the SD for a firmware flash before booting.
    This makes it easy to install firmware without having to enable ADB or install any custom drivers.
    This works by writing the firmware image to the SD as well as setting some special flags on the card.
    The "PhoenixCard" program will do this for you, take your image, and burn it to the SD on a windows PC.
    I was sent this file along with my firmware from the company that made my camera.
    I had flashed firmware for the wrong model/soc, and It would not boot even into ADB.
    So this should fix any bricked camera.

    All of the help/instructions are in Chinese, but the tool has English localization.

    Note that EVEN if you format the card, or repartition it, or nuke it in windows, it will keep it's special flag and firmware image!
    If you wish to use the same card for data again, you must use phoenixcard and select "format to normal", which clears the special flags on the sdcard and removes the boot image.

    1) Burn your image to the SD card in windows (you will need a usb/sd adapter). It may fail, try a few times until you get success.
    2) Place the SD card into the camera, and power it on.
    3) Wait for a minute or so while the camera turns on to a white screen, writes the firmware with no notifications, and then powers off.
    4) Remove the SD card
    5) Format the card to normal with the phoenixcard tool, so that it will no longer attempt to boot firmware recovery in the camera later.

    I hope the external links are allowed. The file is too big to attach on the forums.
    If not, you can find the utility on the web. It's used on many android tablets as well.

    Some other info/links:

    You'll need a .img file. I forget how to get it.
    My camera is made by "seentron" and uses v3 imx179, here is the firmware:

    I remember flashing the MGCool explorer 2.0 firmware to it and it worked fine, but I don't remember how I got the IMG. I think it was from this site. Could have been a post somewhere else. Anyone who knows what they are doing will easily be able to check out the .img file here and see what the header/script/packing is an reverse engineer a little tool to convert these .fex images into .img to be burnt.
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    I have bricked brand new mgcool explorere ES and now its not recognized by PC and can not flash firmware. Only thing can save me is this Phenixcard but I dont know how to get Img file instead of Fex file. Please any solution _?


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    Note that on some android devices (or cameras) there is a recovery mode you must enter. Usually it's a combination of holding the power button + one other. On phones and such it will be a recovery/flash menu, but on cheap devices it may just be a blank screen or white screen with no indicators.


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    thank you, its working for mi


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      please share more information about your Allwinner v3 camera, and share your original firmware backup file if you have it. thanks.

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    Hi there, i do have an elecam explorer 4k stuck on white screen and not being detected from windows 10. i have tried up button and all these but nothing work. Is there any other workaround?