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UVC video Crash (Windows 10)

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  • UVC video Crash (Windows 10)

    IMX 179, allwinner v3

    This camera used to work fine. Put it in a box, and tried it some months later, and now the UVC video causes crashes.
    SDcard over USB access is fine, as is charging.
    In the device manager, there is a "Android" device under USB devices. When the camera mode is selected, a "UVC Camera" appears, but the camera shortly powers off and restarts. Sometimes I can get a few seconds of video out of it before it crashes.

    Not sure what the problem is here, have tried resetting the camera and flashing it's factory firmware again. Have tried different usb ports / cables / etc.

    Here's the tombstone it generates attached.

    Has anyone else had problems with UVC video working?
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