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Which firmware for this "clone"

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  • Which firmware for this "clone"

    Hì to all Members ,
    I would kindly ask if anyone knows this action cam (clone ??) bought two years ago ....... is stuck on the welcome message and I do not know what firmware to send them on the micro sd: thank you all in advance and I wish you a pleasant day

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    the PCB is similar to Thieye i60+ cam. You can download i60+ fw here.

    Click image for larger version

Name:	thieye_i60+_pcb.jpg
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    The picture is taken from this guide.
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    • petesimon
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      nutsey - is it Sunplus 63xx or Allwinner V3(s) ?

    • nutsey
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      It's Allwinner V3 with OV4689 or IMX179 sensor.

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    Thank you very much Dear Friend .......try and report .....thank you


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      Good morning to all: I managed after several attempts to send "Wifi Action Camera i60+&i60e (Version No. : TI/UN3-170721-V5.0)"
      Update 100% successful as per photo, but now it is blocked with this image


      • petesimon
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        that firmware you loaded seems to be for OV4689 sensor, so maybe that crashed your camera. maybe try another 'Lxwy' firmware from Goprawn for IMX179 sensor.

        such as this one "Lxwy (b-pro5 boot logo) 2017-04-25 (shows BP5AE2S0528V1)"

        by the way, are there any problems with your PhoenixUSBPro ?
        Last edited by petesimon; 03-14-2018, 08:35 AM.

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      PhoenixUSBPro I did not know it, the first time I use it ...... yes, I had some problems .... I had to make several attempts to connect the camera to the computer ..... I have windows 7 professional: ok now I try the firmware you have recommended and report .... thanks you !!!


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      I put 'full_img.fex' file to the root of SD memory card (fat32) ....and I switch the camera on with the "mode" button but the "ThiEYE" image remains on the display ....... all the buttons (up- down) do not work
      Last edited by Vincent; 03-14-2018, 10:56 AM. Reason: update.....but I noticed that if I hold down the "mode + up" key at the same time and connect the camera in usb , the sw Mobile-go he sees it as EKEN could be ??


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      • petesimon
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        no entiende el other language much
        what does that picture say in English?
        and why is "Eken" there? aren't we using Allwinner V3(s) cameras here?

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      Hì dear when I connect the camera in usb , the software that i've on my pc (MobileGo) ,see it as if it were an Eken 9 but is not ..... I hope I explained and apologize for my English .... i'm Italian
      As soon i try the youtube video and report .......many many thanks for you time !!!


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      Hello everyone, update ...... now my cam has become a B-PRO5 Alfa Edition I followed the video on youtube to the letter ...... I think we only need to find the right firmware for this camera .....
      Last edited by Vincent; 03-16-2018, 07:14 AM. Reason: I used this firmware : " such as this one "Lxwy (b-pro5 boot logo) 2017-04-25 (shows BP5AE2S0528V1) "......thank you very much


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      Hì to all .....this is the first firmware : Thieye i60+ ......... the second firmware : "Lxwy (b-pro5 boot logo) 2017-04-25 (shows BP5AE2S0528V1)"
      bs regards