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Allwinner cameras in action

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  • Allwinner cameras in action

    Hey guys, this is a video I made using furibee f60 camera. Maybe, we can share some videos made with this kind of cameras here...
    Please, sound on when watching...

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    Hey Strumpf. Be sure to write about how you mod'ed the camera so that the auto photo capturing would work better.


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      Oh yes, I will if I manage to finally do it.
      For those that didn't catch my previous post, the camera randomly freezes when taking auto shots. It doesn't matter what resolution I use and even time delay. I thought that was because of some wi fi interference from drone because it happened often in the air, and tried to mod the firmware with a lot of help from facebook page admin (probably Pete here). Thanks again...
      I tested it on drone outside today and again the same issue. I have to assume that it is totally random now since yesterday I tried it 4 times on drone indoors with no issues. And today I had one good run of 150 pics and after that freezing, even with 10 second intervals. Video works fine of course Of course I also tried different cards, formatting and even other batteries. Maybe I just have faulty camera I will try to flash compatible firmware, I think that is the last solution...


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        okay but have you considered these possible factors/issues?: 1. heat / overheating, 2. humid air, 3. putting aluminum foil between the camera and the drone, 4. using the camera inside the waterproof case and using the cam again _not_ inside this case. 5. using an external USB powerbank to power the camera (without internal battery). ?