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Compatible firmwares for furibee f60?

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  • Compatible firmwares for furibee f60?

    I am not sure that this deserves another topic but here goes...
    This is my camera fwinfo:
    Product: crane-sl609
    Manufacturer: jiangxiaodong
    FW date: 20170906
    Camera name: (FuriBee F60) V
    ersion: FuriBee
    LCD model: st7789
    LCD resolution: 320x240
    Sensor model: imx179
    Wifi: xradio (xcore)
    Logo: FuriBee
    FULL_IMG.FEX size: 7798784 bytes
    Please could you suggest me some compatible firmwares because I have a peculiar problem with auto picture taking. Thank you very much

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    You can try these but I don't have a FuriBee F60 myself... Check page 1 in post #8 first, and next search here in goprawn or facebook-allwinner-group for the date or search this number 7798784 and you should see all or at least most of these files that I list here.

    Crane, (FuriBee logo), 20171127, same LCD/sensor

    Crane, (FuriBee logo), 20170831, same LCD/sensor

    Crane, (GOQ logo), 20160304, "20170926", same LCD/sensor

    Crane, (XDV logo), 20170902, same LCD/sensor

    Crane, (XDV logo), 20170831, "201700831", same LCD/sensor


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      Thank you very much, I found most of the files... its time for Flash aaaa


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        I little update in case someone is interested I flashed 6 or 7 firmwares... Some of them I got inverted screen, inverted colors, some stuck on logo.... In the end I found latest furibee firmware (newer than mine at the moment) and flashed that sucker but the problem is still there... Now I am currently testing inverted screen xdv logo firmware because I don`t mind about inverted screen that much as long the pictures work... It is hard to test this because this shit happens only when I am out with my drone but I am getting there


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          Isnt there an option in the settings menu to invert the screen?


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          Nevermind, this firmware randlomly freezes on auto pictures too


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            Thats it, I give up.... I tried just about everything, still same problem. It is interesting that this happens almost exclusivly outdoors... Any suggestions on getting a new camera in this price range (primarily for still images)?


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            Thank you very much guys, I will check this out


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              Hello again guys... I solved the problem, it was easy. I feel very stupid but I will share it in case anyone else runs into same problem. As some of you guys mentioned, the problem was in resolution. Max resolution (interpolated) of pictures is 16Mp and I did try lowering it to 12Mp and still had the same problem. In the meantime I found out online that native resolution of IMX179 sensor is max 8Mp so I just used that resolution. I lost none of the detail in pictures because 16 and 12Mp were interpolated anyway. I had 4 flights on 8Mp resolution with total of 600 pictures so far and no problem at all. Also, battery now lasts much longer probably because this resolution is easy on the processor.
              So there it is, problem solved.
              Thank you very very much for your help