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Elephone Explorer S bricked

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  • Elephone Explorer S bricked

    Hello all,

    I have a trouble with my Cam, Elephone Explorer S.

    I loaded a firmware of this link and the cam dont works, only appears a boy surfing, sadly i didnt make a backup. I need load factory firmware.

    Can you Help me?!MdMCwJgb!2hIuGcpfL...4R4vSsww1r-vxU


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    hello. don't believe gearbest when they talk about firmware. they don't know what's right and wrong about firmware.

    please post here a web link to the Explorer S camera item

    i don't know which firmware will work 100% for you, so you can just pick a firmware file and flash load it from page 1 in post #8 ( link here ) so see what happens. but i recommend that you begin with firmware that is for sensor OV4689 and has the EIE or Ele logos.

    you can use this video tutorial, start watching at TIME 13:50 ,