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XDV 4K Action cam compatible with Eken H9 2,4 G Remote Control?

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  • XDV 4K Action cam compatible with Eken H9 2,4 G Remote Control?

    About 2 years ago I got a few XDV 4K action cams (have a look at my picture) for a quite cheap price. Sadly there is no indication for usage of a remote control in the manual. I do not use a mobile phone so I would love to get a cheap remote for these cams like shown in the ebay link. What do you think, will it work? ;-) Thanks for any hint. Link to a remote control:
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    Usually such cams should have a PCB with RF-reciever circuits soldered to the main board. So you can disassemble one of your cam and check if it's there.

    This is how it looks inside (note small PCB with 2 chips):
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      Thanks for the hint. I seem to have two left hands therefore I try to avoid to open this cheap-plastic-casing. BTW. the start screen shows a skier in a snow landscape but I'm not sure if this indicates a certain cam-model or manufacturer. Because of the low price I think I just buy one remote and try it.


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        Under firmware it says:
        Productmodel: Q6
        Version: 20151216V10