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Accidentally messed it all up...

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  • Accidentally messed it all up...

    Hey Gang,

    So I typically open plug my camera in, open the folder that houses the videos and cut and past them out onto an external drive. The other night I was in such a hurry, I accidentally, cut all the files out of the camera, and pasted them into my external hard drive.

    The next morning, I didn't realize it, unplugged the camera, it wouldn't turn on and I went a couple days before figuring out where I messed up.

    Now when plugging the camera into my pc, since there's no software for me to click "Mass Storage" to then open up the camera and it's files, the camera just charges and the pc doesn't recognize it.

    Has anyone done this or does anyone have any suggestions?

    Any help is super appreciated.

    fyi- this is for a Thieye T5e
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