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Dynamic range of Yi 4K

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  • Dynamic range of Yi 4K

    I just got this. The user interface is better than the Git2p I was using. The screen immesurably better!

    Not having done any formal tests, I've noticed how strongly the sensor reacts to highlights. Cloudy skies are easily blown out. I guess there is no way to remedy this? Or is there nutsey ?

    Or is that the WDR of the Git2p is so wildly successful and the cheap camera actually is really good for what it does? Any ideas..

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    I believe that the blown out highlights could be fixed with autoknee adjustments.
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      I can't see any reference to autoknee in the irungentoo github for Yi 4k. Is there more to this, something I'm not seeing? Thanks very much in advance for your reply


      • nutsey
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        I'm not quite sure if irungentoo succeed moving in this direction. Anyway my hypothesis was not based on any practical experience as I don't own this camera.

      • independent
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        Thanks heaps.