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Very new to Action Cameras Ambarella with Imx179

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  • Very new to Action Cameras Ambarella with Imx179

    I design ghost equipment. I just started using action cameras. I used to convert the ov4689 to night vision by taking off the IR cut filter from the lens. I upgraded to Ambarella with IMX179 sensor but the filter is no longer there. Is it built in to the lens itself or the sensor. And can i just replace the lens with a m12 match with night vision. I could use some help with my designs.

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    Could you please explain in details what you do and what you want to be done. Thanx.
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      I want to turn my action camera into a full spectrum near-infrared capable. I was wondering if anybody knows how I can do this like I said I'm totally new at this I used to just be able to take a hairdryer on the lens of my old action cameras and take the IR cut filter off to create full spectrum but now the upgraded action cameras do not have those IR cut filters on the lenses do you know where they're at or do I have to change out the lens I'm just completely not sure


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        I must be too new at this. Thanks yall


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          I saw some IMX179/s sensors with embedded IR-cut filters and I don't think it would be easy to take it off. Moreover please note that IMX179 has much worse low light performance comparing to OV4689.

          BTW. Do you mean this cam with OV4689?

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        Yes that is one of the ones that can be converted. Yep that's the ridiculously overpriced ghostcam. Just wondered if the new Ambarellas could be converted. Or are they embedded into the sensor.