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Yi 4k (Z16V13L) custom firmware and more

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  • Yi 4k (Z16V13L) custom firmware and more

    TESTED ONLY ON Yi 4k i.e. Z16V13/14L**, should work on all Z16V12L to Z16V18L.

    To control my cam, I prefer to use the station mode of Wi-Fi cause I do not want to switch between wifi tethering and wifi station on my phone everytime I want to use my cam.

    I needed a way to unpack and repack my firmware easily, thus I have created python scripts heavely inspired from dji-firmware-tools.
    Get it here : (only for 4k not 4k+)
    I also modified the script to extract romfs (ROMFS or DSP uCode ) :

    Custom firmware - Copy the firmware on the SDCard and rename it firmware.bin
    This new firmware run a python script in the background, I did not test battery discharge.

    Firmware 1.10.9 v0.9
    Firmware 1.10.9 v0.8
    Firmware 1.10.9 v0.7
    Firmware 1.10.7 v0.6

    General information
    If you want to make your own firmware, feel free to grab a diff and patch your firmware.
    This firmware has also the ability to load a script named on STA.DEBUG or AP.DEBUG folders on the SDCard essentially for debugging purpose (station and AP mode).

    Wi-fi instructions
    Instruction on the wiki

    Events manager instructions
    Instruction on the wiki

    More to come...
    • update to 1.10.9 firmware
    • clean uneeded files unless other hardware configuration exist,
    • BT control by phone, do not know if possible,
    • Launch script(s) on USB connection (power or other)
    • other ?

    Github repositories :

    Update :
    • 13/09/18 : Add events callback (aka event manager)
    • 08/25/18 : Fix EOL for configuration files on the SDCard
    • 08/22/18 : Add instructions for wifi configuration
    • 08/08/18 : Fix station mode for 1.10.9 firmware (fix loop if configured AP is not found)
    • 07/30/18 : New 1.10.9 firmware

    Thanks :
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    Great work! Well done!

    Do you happen to know which Wifi, 2.4 or 5 ghz, uses more power?

    And does the Station mode use more power?

    This camera can tend to have a heat problem and I do not wish to add to that


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      I do not know, I never try to bench each frequence.
      As all apps on Google store use AP mode to connect, this is the mode I use for daily shoot. I use station mode only for debug purpose for know so I did not check power consumption.
      I will later try to use Tasker or an other third party app on my phone to send simple command in station mode, to be able to keep my phone with data and wifi hotspot otherwise wifi take over the data in AP mode.

      By the way, I am on my way to configure bluetooth HCI to use any remote as HID but I am stuck on Bluez stack which freeze the cam.