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Lights in video footage issue FireFly 8S

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  • Lights in video footage issue FireFly 8S

    I was wondering if there is a way around this as I take footage in low light places sometimes and I lights to brighten the area I am shooting (LED Touches).
    Is there a specific setting I need to have my Firefly 8S in?
    I'm currently using the FireFly 8S U- firmware. (see pics).

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    I suppose these artifacts are caused by the lens and unfortunately can't be removed by changing any settings.
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      Damn so it looks like I have to take my chances shooting away from the lights... as the low light feature doesn't seem to do much but it could just be me.
      Earl Blaze
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      • petesimon
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        increase EV +1 or +2. also try both 30fps modes and 60fps video modes, and compare all the results.

        *UPDATE - also switch ON "Auto Low Light" but this might cause a blurry image
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      I've just tried this petesimon and its a little better (house lighting) I just need to test it in a low light area like the screen shots, so far I have noticed a difference i will need to play around with those settings thanks.
      What do yo suggest with PAL mode?