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file splitting problem on my xiaomi yi 2k

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  • file splitting problem on my xiaomi yi 2k

    my camera cannot record a flle larger than 100mb, the camera automaticaly split the file in to small files that last no more than 10 seconds ( around 10mb ), i tried to reset the camera and format the sd card but it didn't worrk .
    any help please ?, sorry for my bad English.
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    Most likely your memory card is faulty. Try using another one.
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      i tested the memory card on another one and it worked well, maybe the problem is at the firmware ?


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        I have to say 90% problems with cams are caused by faulty memory cards, power supplies, batteries and cables. So, could you try another card in your camera?

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      I finally got it worked well by install the 1.2.13 firmware, thanks for your support


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        A firmware hack for the 1.5.6 found on DCT caused file splitting in my 23 L yi cam when formatting the card in cam. The next filming after formatting split the filming into 7-9MB and the rest of the total minutes. Changing cards - no difference . I began using a different hack for 1.5.12 with 50 Mbps.There is also a hack with various Mbps for low to high quality up to 35 in high, my second cam is on this one.
        'better with the 1.5.12 because the WiFi app bugs you to upgrade fw.
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