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Best 4k cam around 100€ => Eken H8 Plus? ThiEYE T5e? Something else...?

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  • Best 4k cam around 100€ => Eken H8 Plus? ThiEYE T5e? Something else...?

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a good action cam around 100€ with "real" 4K and image stabilization. After a little bit of research seems like best options are using Ambarella SoC (A12S seems to be the only used at such price level) and it looks like the best option in terms of sensor is the Sony IMX117, am I more or less right?

    So far I am hesitating mainly between 2 models: Eken H8 Plus and ThiEYE T5 / T5e. I saw Andoer C5 Pro but a less convinced because I didn't find this model on any official Andoer website...

    Does anyone own one of these 2 cam (I didn't find anything about the difference between T5 and T5e...) and/or can help me choosing? If there are other better alternatives (maybe I missed some options with different SoC or sensors...) I would be really happy to know. Out of overall performance / quality the only mandatory thing I want is at least a screen and something waterproof.

    Thanks a lot

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    Ebay US has the c5 pro for $134.00. Does Ebay EU have it for sale?


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      Hi Rémi,

      ThiEYE T5 and T5e are same cams, the difference is in package contents.

      Yes, at the moment A12+IMX117 hardware solution is the best for its money.
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        Hi Remi

        I had opportunity to test some of Thieye models, from Thieye i60 to Thieye V5 & now the latest is Thieye T5 (T5e is just different packaging/accessories included , the camera is still the same though).

        The video output is by far among the best of all the Thieye models with native 4K/30fps , 1080p/120fps.

        But in term of the pictures quality, i found that its a little bit dark/not bright or vivid as the V5 model (V5 using Ambrella A7Ls).


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        nutsey i'm not sure about that. How do u determine that?


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          waja2002 You can use any video player capable doing one-frame steps when paused. For example, MPC or VLC can do it. If there is a frame skip you will notice that as the picture will change after moving forward by two frames not one.

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        Unfortunatelly it does skip frames (mine does at least). Haven't test all variants in all conditions but at 2.5K in low light (2560×1440) – 16:9 supposedly 59.97 every second frame is same.


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          See this thread for some cams that have an Ambarella chip

          Also, look into Andoer An7000 / An8000, Gitup Git2, Eken H8 series, Thieye v5 / t5 series, Firefly 8s, SJCAM SJ6 /SJ5000x-Elite and similar cams.

          I really like my Eken H8 Plus. See this thread and view my mp4 video samples
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            There might be a selection in settings for low light that forces it to not skip frames. Obviously the result will be noticeably darker image but I'd still prefer to have that option as I can always brighten things up a bit in editing but can't magically recover the skipped frames. I am still waiting on my T5e to show up but when it does... .I plan on doing a thorough test of it. I will be sure to post up my results. BTW, what is the preferred video editing software these days. I use movie maker for simple stuff and adobe for my heavier editing but am still not a huge fan of adobe as it is cumbersome for me to use. I wish there was a good cheap or free movie editor that allowed simple stuff everyone uses like single frame advance/reverse, pinch zoom, variable video speed preferably with more than just a few increments.