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SJCAM SJ8 Pro...No Sound

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  • SJCAM SJ8 Pro...No Sound

    I knew better, but I went and did it anyway; I just bought the SJCAM SJ8 Pro and it arrived today. Mute. No sound, not even a hiss or beep. I installed a new 128gb Samsung EVO Select memory card formatted on my computer to exFAT, and new fully charged battery, 5g WiFi, and of course, not mounted to waterproof case. I tried the internal microphone after checking the right buttons in the menus - no go. I then tried an external microphone, again, after checking the required buttons in the menus - still not go. I even took the files and downloaded to my desktop, and you got it - no go, again. I tried volume set at 8 and set at 5, with no sound. I mean not even white noise. Any ideas what I might do to remedy this issue? Has anyone else come upon this same issue?

    [edit]After fruitless hours looking for an answer online, I went and found a very quiet place and turned the camera's volume to 10 and shot a short video with me talking into the mic about three inches away. Upon playback, with my ear on the speaker, I was able to hear a very faint voice track, just audible in the quiet room I was in. So there is sound, but at a level quite unusable. Any ideas as to how to fix?

    [edit#2] Taking it further, I decided to try those videos on my PC wherein the sound came out loud and clear. Encouraged, I filmed another video with the camera at arms length and, again, I could barely hear my voice on the camera's speaker and clear as a bell on the computer. So it is the speaker on the camera that is bad, hardware wise or software, I don't know.
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