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YIMAX-TUNE v2 for Z23L and 1.5.12?

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  • YIMAX-TUNE v2 for Z23L and 1.5.12?


    just regged because I was not able to find the firmware over here for my cam, I've read that it is out with 1.5.12 support?

    Can anyone help me? I was even not able to find the normal v1 for 1.5.12

    Thanks in advance


  • #2 see threads for firmware hacks.
    xiaomi yi custom firmware hacks with latest revision page 45
    You can find hacks for firmwares
    from the very old to the newest 1.5.12!
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      I tried this on my Z23L and it cuts the files into multiple little files 30-80 MB, first file has 40k bitrate and the other ones about 25-27k..

      I copied the goprawn.conf and autoexec.ash on my sd root, it beeps 2 times with purple light, then once long with red light, then it turns on with blinking normal blue light..

      Does the long beep with red LED mean something bad?


      • TwoBlues
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        I saw a yoyo data rate with my 22L s with an amazon u3 card called Amplim which handled the 135 Mbps data rate from 4k 60 in my yi 4k plus. Using my sandisk extreme pros or the Samsung select or evo similarly worked fine with the autoexe.ash scripts in the 22Ls
        The long beep is the cam acknowledging the autoexec.ash instructions!