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SJCAM SJ8 - Recording Limit

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  • SJCAM SJ8 - Recording Limit


    This seems to be the place for answers as the SJCAM forums get limited support from the company.

    I've had this issue since purchasing the SJ8 - on all versions of FW including stock through 1.3.0, Nutsey's 4.1 and Kallingrad's 3.5 (haven't got PC for 4.2 yet).

    The issue - it records for approximately 5 minutes then stops and starts again right away, effectively chunking one video into multiple 5-minute segments. With it hooked on my hang glider, it's obviously something I can't just "stop and check" so I ran tests over the weekend.

    It didn't matter if I had a U1 Sandisk card or a U3 Samsung card - same result across the board. With the resolution set at 4k Ultra 30fps, or 1080 Ultra 60fps, it didn't matter... video is always chunked into bite-sized pieces.

    Any suggestions to end up with a single, complete recording short of stitching together all the sections post flight?

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    if you're saying that you find many mp4 files on the sd card and each file amounts to about 5 minutes of video, that's probably normal. one session (one single press of the shutter button) of video recording should be segmented into 5 to 15 minute chunks on an action camera because of bumps, damages and power drain/loss so as not to lose the video that had been already recorded.

    I think on SJ8 Pro, there is a setting called "File Size" when you push the magic wand on the screen. Try to set it to "20 Minutes"

    Stitching together video files is fast in Avidemux by dragging 'n dropping a sequence of video files on top of Avidemux and click 'Save'.