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Firefly 8s V79Mod7 - no TV out in settings - no HDMI out also

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  • Firefly 8s V79Mod7 - no TV out in settings - no HDMI out also

    Hello community, I updated from 78 stock firmware to Mod 7/79. Now i dont have the setting menue TV out and also no HDMI Video. I dont really know, if I had it before, because I bought it used. But I think it has to work, because for what have it an HDMI port. I flashed the V.Version, not the U. What is the difference between ┬┤both? Thanks for your ansers!

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    You can revert back to V78 and check if those options are there.
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      Thanks I dowbloaded from the only FW they offer. Its called Firefly8.bin but it is only 4,68 MB big. That could not be the right one,or? The modded FM is 50 MB.


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      Well, that worked fine, but the same: no option no video! Thats unbelievable. That feature is a must have! Every of my other cams do that. Or do I fail? Dear nutsey, you have made so many things with this camera - any idea??


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        I guess TV-out and hdmi are always on.

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      I tried another HDMI cable and now it works fine. Thanks for your support!