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PEBA D80 Dashcam Firmware editing possible?

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  • PEBA D80 Dashcam Firmware editing possible?

    This is a repost of THIS thread over on dashcamtalk. I was redirected to this forum. Maybe someone can help?

    I brought THIS dashcam recently. Its called PEBA Dashcam D80.

    I saw the "Ambarella A7" marking on the dashcam casing. I don't what it stands for but after googling I found a thread about Ambarella A7 firmware editing and a tool for it. Doe's anybody own this can and/or knows if firmware modding on this model is possible?

    I want to change the time offset which is used when I manually want to store an event. In this case I can press a button on the dashcam and the video would be stored permanently on the sdcard. The only big downside is that only the last 10 seconds BEFORE I pressed the button are stored (and 50 seconds after the button press). So it can happen that the interesting moment isn't stored because I pressed the button to late. I want to adjust this time offset to something around 30-60 seconds. There is not setting in the menu so I think only firmware modding is possible. I wounder if there is any usable tool for this job - like the mentioned tool?

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    This can be done in theory but there are no easy-to-use single-click tools to do it. I mean you'll need to do stuff like ARM binary disassembling.
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