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yi 4k and 4k+ EIS range percentage

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  • yi 4k and 4k+ EIS range percentage

    I have both these cams, yi 4k and yi 4k+, and there is very noticeable difference in EIS stabilisation.
    yi 4k is more smoother... As there is just simple EIS on/off option in menu, I was a bit investigating how to set EIS more precisely.
    I got some logs from both cameras (with save_log_enable.script), and I found these params:
    yi 4k: [rec_connected_cam_set_fov_eis_range] set eis range:15
    yi 4k+: [EIS] set EIS Percentage 5

    What I want to know, is possible to set this percentage value?
    I'd like to set my yi 4k+ for similar value like yi 4k has, or any other value...