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Firefly 8s unbrick in Windows 10 , problems and solutions :

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  • Firefly 8s unbrick in Windows 10 , problems and solutions :

    Good ...... I have had a failure updating my Firefly 8S firmwate and it has gone black.
    Looking for a solution I found Petesimon , a member of the Goprawn forum, on Facebook.
    He sent me the link to download the AmbaUsb program, the
    Elf files for my camera model and instructions for repairing the camera.
    Files sent: "AmbaUSB-win64-Qt5-Win7-3.3.1-Setup" and "Firmware_FF8S_AmbaUSB_Recovery", (contains the Elf files of the different models).

    -Problems and solutions :
    1- as I have Windows 10, it does not support drivers without digital signature, I have had to put Windows in "Test mode":
    -cmd: paste "Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING ON", (without quotes), and press "Enter" ; then we restart Windows, ( appears on the screen, bottom right, "Test mode, Windows 10 enterprise ...."
    2- during the installation of the AmbaUsb it stopped twice:
    a) message: "Please make sure DirectUsb .............."> Accept
    b) message about the drivers: "Windows Security" choose "Install this driver software anyway"
    3- We run the AmbaUsb software and choose:
    a) Chipset: S2L (A12)
    b) Firmware: we look for the Elf file corresponding to our model, U or V, in the downloaded folder "Firmware_FF8S_AmbaUSB_Recovery"
    c) Log Level: Debug
    4) We take the Firefly 8S, remove the card and the battery, and connect the microUSB cable to it.
    Very important: we press the small button "<" on the camera and then connect the USB cable to the main input of our PC; without releasing that button now we also press the "Power" button, (we have both pressed); if all goes well in the AmbaUsb program a green arrow will appear and a text will appear; at that moment we can already release the two buttons that we have pressed.
    Now we click on the green button and the program will replace the original files on the camera.
    5) When the "100% charged" appears, wait a bit and disconnect the camera from the USB cable
    6) We put the battery and the card and check that it works.
    7- To exit Windows 10 test mode:
    a) cmd
    b) Bcdedit.exe -set loadoptions ENABLE_INTEGRITY_CHECKS
    c) Bcdedit.exe -set TESTSIGNING OFF

    If it does not work we repeat the entire operation checking that we have chosen the Elf file corresponding to the model of our camera well
    If I forget something I will edit it again, hahahaha.
    I thank again our fellow forero "Petesimon" was in contact with me from Facebook and helped me several times so that in the end my camera would be like new.
    Postscript: I use "google traslator" to translate my spanish language from to English ... sorry for grammatical errors
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