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Using Gopro Hero as Dashcam

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  • Using Gopro Hero as Dashcam

    For many years when traveling with my camping car I used a dash cam with GPS for continuous recording of the whole voyage. This would be a perfect long term documentation if only the video quality was better...
    The first cam showed rolling shutter degradation and the current one sill shows too much vibration artifacts.
    The Gopro Hero 7 or 8 with smoothing would have much better image quality, but unfortunately the accessory that would auto magically switch on/off according to availability of the 5V supply is no longer available. (BTW it also did cost half a fortune).

    Therefore my question, if anybody can give a hint if a firmware patch or similar trick could solve my problem?

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    I really suggest using an actual dash cam as a dash cam, and then for the few times you want to record a journey in a higher quality, use the go pro mount at that point. Mostly the issues with running a go pro is:

    - Heat. Go Pro has a large Li-Ion battery, and batteries don't go over well with heat esp if the camera is plugged in. If you record without the battery in the cam there is a reliability issue where any cut to power will break the last clip and it may not be salvagable (you'll lose the critical moment in an accident). If you are on battery only, the battery can only go so long

    - You have to manually turn the go pro on and off, as there is no auto power on feature

    - If you take the camera out to record something else, chances are you'll just forget the cam one time and that'll be the time you needed it!

    Especially with cheap usable dashcams (B1W) being <$40, imho it's not worth the hassles.


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      Thanks DrekiTech for your answer. I have a perfectly working dashcam making 'perfect' films when the street is smooth. However, on bumpy streets, the difference to a stabilized recording I made with the Gopro of my friend is overhelming.

      I am aware of the heat problems of Gopro but thought it can be overcome if I avoid direct sunshine on the cam and cool it with a small ventilator. The battery will not heat because the current is delivered from 5V from the car.

      Therefore I just need a simple trick to get it starting/stopping auto magically when 5V supply is switched on and off.


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        GitUp F1C looks to be a solid candidate here.
        Donate here if you want to support my efforts and this site.

        Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


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          Many thanks nutsey for your link. The GitUp F1C seems not to have GPS recording, but the G3 duo together with a separate GPS module seems do have all functionality of a dashcam as I specified in the OP.
          Unless anybody tells me that I have overlooked something, I will pretty soon buy one.