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How to starting with Ambarella platform?

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  • How to starting with Ambarella platform?

    I'm interested in the ambarella soc to make my product. Therefore, Could you please guide to starting with this platform.

    1) Where can I get this soc?
    2) Where can I get the support for software (eg: SDK, the source for build image file) and hardware (eg: Devkit Board, Schematic and PCB reference design)?
    3) Do you have any design house or company that can help me in starting with the ambarella platform?

    Thank you in advance.

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    you can find Ambarella_SDK_User_Guide at this link(free view):
    (SW-S19-019-1.0 UG_Ambarella_SDK_User_Guide)
    but,you can find some more powerful from ,
    (I don't know how exactly, because I don't have an account and I don't understand their payment mechanism. Maybe it's a scam)

    Readme.txt 72B
    S5L-Product-BriefJS.pdf 451K
    SW-S19-019-1.0_UG_Ambarella_SDK_User_Guide.pdf 1M
    ambarella-sdk-a0108707-009e708a.tar.gz 470M
    ambarella-sdk-master.tar.gz 468M
    ambarella_a2_sdk.7z 55M

    and i can find the “ambarella_a2_sdk.7z” On a Russian website , AmbaUSB DirectUSB AE They all have good downloads there

    if you have baidu VIP, A12 scheme Circuit diagram

    I hope it's enlightening to you, so weigh it carefully for yourself


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      S2L SDK is available here :