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Help with S2L(A12) Backup

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  • Help with S2L(A12) Backup

    I have a Furbo camera (this device is anyone is wondering,, I don't allow my IoT to the outside networks. This project started out as an "easy hack" as I had assumed it was probably some esp based hardware, etc... after digging around, and finding this forum eventually, and finally finding the correct software / drivers, modifying a microusb cable to hack into this thing, I have it detected, and loaded up in this (AmbaUSB-win64-Qt5-Win7-3.6.4-Setup). I am putting that in () since it appears this is a Ambarella Evaluation Board 3_2_1_0. I have it showing as a S2L/A12 board.

    This is my output

    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_device.cpp[ 207]: Speed: HIGH
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_device.cpp[ 218]: MaxPower: 200mA
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_device_manager.cpp[ 564]: USB_DEVICE_STAGE_NEW_INFO
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_device.cpp[1017]: libusb_bulk_transfer: Pipe error, 0 bytes transferred through endpoint 0x0000000000000001!
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_device.cpp[1029]: libusb_bulk_transfer: Pipe error on endpoint 0x0000000000000001!
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_device_manager.cpp[ 595]: Found Ambarella device: 4255/000a
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_device_manager.cpp[ 673]: USB_DEVICE_STAGE_USB
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_device_manager.cpp[ 703]: USB_DEVICE_STAGE_ADD
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_data_model.cpp[ 334]: Found new Amba USB device: BusID#001.DevID#025
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_data_model.cpp[ 972]: HAL file is ambhal.bin, BLD is bld.bin!
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.401: amba_usb_data_model.cpp[ 976]: BusID#001.DevID#025's DRAM start address is 0x00000000, memfwprog addr is 0x00100000
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.422: amba_usb.cpp[ 229]: set_download_enable: TRUE
    2020-10-02-19:07:09.422: amba_usb_data_model.cpp[ 229]: Dram only session number is 0
    I'm trying to dump the rom, but it doesn't seem to be an option. I have yet to physically crack this thing apart, because I was hoping to not have to do that. I see there are 10 different configs for this board. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to find what board is in this, outside of opening it, and dumping the rom?

    Thank you all!

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    a dog camera? yeah cool! hehe 😉 I'm not sure how to properly dump firmware through a USB cable, but there is a backup script that makes files on an SD card. You could use "putty" client in Windows to connect via telnet to the camera. Check-out post #22 in that other thread > and here is the script itself
    Cheers 🥂