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Ambarella A5S and S3D

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  • Ambarella A5S and S3D

    Hello to all ,

    I own an LG IC330 3D-Camcorder several Years now and recently decided to take a look inside,
    since I still wanted to use it and didn`t wanted to tear it into Pieces I can never ever get together again,
    I couldn't make any Pictures that show mouch.

    However, I could see enough to confirm that it has N Ambarella Chipset, namely the A5S.
    With a little searching on the Net I could find out that the S3D that I could see on the PCB
    had to be paired either with an A5 or an A7 Chipset,
    so I tried the Different autoexec.ash-Scripts available.

    The Script for the A7 Series brought somewhat Success, sadly I cannot find any Tools, or Infos specific to this Chipset or Chipset-Combination.
    As far as my Google, Yahoo and Yandex-Fu goes there is also no Firmware available for this Camera,
    or the DXG5F9V, which should be essentially the Same Camera in a different Shell.

    I attach the Files that the Scipt threw out with the Hope that anyone can help me sort out some Mods or Scripts for this Camera,
    or eventually has a Link to the Firmware of it.

    My Hopes are, to eventually be able to change the recorded Squished Side by Side Format to proper Side by Side or Above Below.


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    Hi! Could you please check your download link. Use 'Get link' - 'Copy link' buttons and don't forget to share it to 'Anyone with the link'.
    Donate here if you want to support my efforts and this site.

    Email me if you have any offers, requests or ideas.


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      Strangely if I click the Link I get to the Start-Page of Google?

      And if I try to edit the Post it shows the Link correctly as long as I am editing it.
      Seems there is something strange, or the Forum doesn't want my Drive-Link.

      I just post it directly:


      • nutsey
        nutsey commented
        Editing a comment
        You can probably backup your firmware with this script command:
        firmfl gen 5 bst bld pri rom dsp d:\backup.bin

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      Thank You very mouch!

      That worked like a Charm, if anyone is interested I uploaded the Firmware Backup.bin to the Drive as well for everyone to Download.

      Please use the Link in Post Nr.3 since the Link-Dialog doesn't like my Drive-Adress.

      Now I have to fiddle a little with it, maybe we get something useful out of this.