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[Firefly 8SE] Schematic and possibility of repair

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  • [Firefly 8SE] Schematic and possibility of repair

    My camera just died. I had many problems before especially with the sensor connection that results in improper color on the image.
    Some day it just died, the lights goes on but lcd is off and it freezes. I have disassembled it and I have found what is wrong with it. Ribbon cables have cracks near its ends where tracks are not covered.
    I'm going to repair it or to replaces cables with new ones.

    I have two damaged ribbon cables: connecting the sensor and connecting the lcd.

    I think I have repaired the one going out from lcd but it still does not work. Lcd is black, no backlight. I have no idea if lcd should work even the connection with sensor is wrong. I would like to power the lcd externally but I have no idea which pins are for powering the lcd and turn on the backlight. As I know it also impossible to replace such cable as it is permanently connected from the lcd side.

    Does any one have schematic for firefly or for similar lcd? Thanks in advice.