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Making a long term time-lapse with SJ8Pro (or other camera) missing nc command on SJ8Pro busybox

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  • Making a long term time-lapse with SJ8Pro (or other camera) missing nc command on SJ8Pro busybox


    I am looking to build a (very) long term time-lapse (for months maybe years if possible) in my garden with my SJCam SJ8 Pro camera (Ambarella H22 chipset, SONY IMX377 sensor). The camera will be placed in a waterproof housing including the USB connection for power, connected to a solar panel, regulator and a 18650 cells based battery.

    I am not sure yet the SJ8Pro device will be stable enough for the time-lapse project, what do you guys think ? do you have suggestions of other devices better suited for the exercise ? I'm ideally looking for camera with IMX377 sensor and large field of view (120 degrees or more)

    I'm currently investigating how to monitor that the time-lapse is still running properly and retrieve my photos from the SJ8 Pro to a Raspberry Pi that would be installed in the garden. My first observations show me that using the USB to transfer the pictures would interfere with the time-lapse process and the housing for my SJ8Pro that offers weather proof connection for the USB cable does not seem to include the data line in the USB cable.

    I haven't found easy solutions like the SJ4000 where a simple web connection does the job and some code is already offered on github. The SJ8Pro doesn't seem to use http(s) for commands or data and reverse engineering the Android application would probably require quite some work. As I can connect to the SJ8Pro thru telnet, I found I can list my pictures in /tmp/SD0 partition. I would just need a way to copy
    them outside the camera. "nc" command would do the job but it's missing in the busybox build. Any suggestions on how to rebuild nc for the SJ8Pro or any other ways to copy files outside the camera ?

    Thank you,

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    Why would you not just use a camera module for the raspberry pi ?

    then you'd
    1. Have access to more space
    2. Presumably be able to transfer / manage space (unlike with the actioncam ?)
    - Grant