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    I found Logitech TV HD camera, which runs only Skype. I was buying it for my daughter and my parents of mine who are living far from us.

    Back in 2016 Microsoft and Logitech decided to abandon this project and basically it's not working since that time (it simply don't connect to Skype).

    I have couple of these devices and what to try hack them.

    What I did:

    1) captured traffic with sniffer which is generated by device when connected to internet. I found it was not able to make ping request
    2) I found some suggestions online that fix is to make that pings possible, then connection works! I've added DNS spoofing record for in my internal DNS server and restarted device. It worked and connected to the Skype network.
    3) Scanned IP with nmap for any ports open (none are open).
    4) Tried to start device with "reset" button pressed (to check if it will start in some "recovery" or "firmware update" mode), after that trick it shows Logitech splash screen and reboots in cycles (fortunately I have one more devices same as this one and it's still booting).
    5) I put device out of that plastic box and made photos
    6) In traffic dump I found so far is user-agent string from http client inside
    Dalvik/1.4.0 (Linux; U; Android 2.3.3; Ambarella BOSS Build/GRI40)
    7) Also device is listed there

    And information on vendor's website

    Need help to get shell access to this camera.
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