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A12 cameras noise removal?

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  • A12 cameras noise removal?

    I got a ThiEYE 5e camera which I intend to use mainly for timelapse.
    I like it because the "t app test wakeup" command works very well to put the camera in low power mode and then restarting it.
    I am using the following command to set a very low digital and analogue gain:

    #t imgproc -me [Video|Still : 0|1] [ShtTime : us] [Gain : 1x 1000] [Dgain : Unit 4096]
    t imgproc -me 1 0 1 1

    The picture is good, but there is still some noise removal being done. Is there any way to remove or lower the noise removal level?
    I know I could get RAWs, but they take longer to save and I'd need bigger memory cards.

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    Actually, after further testing, it seems that my camera doesn't have the "t imgproc" command, and no matter what I use there the image is the same :/
    So I guess only some A12 cameras have that?