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Long timelapse with Firefly 8S + Raspberry Pi?

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  • Long timelapse with Firefly 8S + Raspberry Pi?


    We have a job, making construction timelapse for one year..
    I like to use my 4 Firefly 8S cameras..
    We have AC voltage next to the cams, so constant 5V is not a problem.

    But cams should record for a few months and i don't like to go there in every few days..

    Best would be to send the photos at every day via 4G mobile data to my home.
    It is possible if the cam is connected to my Raspberry Pi which also have a 4G usb stick in it?

    We can control 8S camera from Rpi, right?
    For ex. make a photo in every 3 min, download photo to Pi's storage, etc.
    With usb or wifi connection?

    Then uploading to my ftp server at home, should be easy with Rpi.

    Anybody use such method for long timelapses?


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    The camera can run a timelapse script where it takes a picture, sets an alarm to wake up, then goes to sleep. It is pretty power efficient, but it can't send data to ftp (at least I didn't find out how).

    If you have electricity available, why do you need 4 Firefly cameras? Why not just get 4 raspi zero w and 4 high quality cameras with proper lenses?


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      cos i have 8 firefly cams already, and 0 rpi zero and dont know anything about it