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Firefly 8SE binding bluetooth remote, every time?

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  • Firefly 8SE binding bluetooth remote, every time?

    I bought this camera with bluetooth remote controller wich is now binded with the camera, but if i turn it OFF, i lost the binding and i have to do it again! help!

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    Are you sure 8SE and Bluetooth remote controller once paired are "paired till the end of time"? I'm not sure about that.

    I've bought Firefly 8SE V revision few years ago and some generic (but quite decent when it comes to waterproofness) Bluetooth remote controller, combo mosly used for freediving. Every time when I power on camera and few seconds later turn on Bluetooth remote controller ...I need to press few times Power and then Mode button on remote controller (Power, Mode, Power, Mode, Power, Mode...) so it can be manually connected to camera. No automatic connection between two of them here on my side. Tbh I'm fine with that and I like it this way. And it makes sense in cases you use more than one camera and only one Bluetooth remote controller you want to use now with this camera and then with another camera.