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Ambarella H22 firmware unpack and re-pack

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  • Ambarella H22 firmware unpack and re-pack


    I have a SJCAM SJ8 Pro and I have successfully customized the firmware to change the video GOP parameters using BitrateEditor. I discovered that BitrateEditor unfortunately does not re-pack the firmware with all the CRC32 checksums fixed: the SJ8 Pro neverthless accepts the file and flashes it, but I think that creating a correct file should be preferable.

    As far I know there is no documentation about Ambarella firmwares file format, some open source softwares exist, but they only know about A2, A5 and A7 versions, nothing about H22. Doing some reverse engineering I wrote two Python programs, which do unpacking and re-packing, you can find them here:

    Someone is interested in exchanging information about that firmware file formats? Do you know if BitrateEditor is still developed or if other software exists?