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EKEN H8 Pro - brick

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  • EKEN H8 Pro - brick

    Hello All,

    This is my first post here, so once again Hello Everyone!

    My EKEN H8 Pro is not turning on for no good reason. It spent some time on the shelf and now I'm not able to turn it on. Non of two displays is turning on.
    I've check with Ambarella flashing tool and it visible in it. I thought maybe this is firmware issue, but I'm not able to flash it with elf firmware i found. I'm getting timeout error.

    Any hints, or advices?

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    sail0r Hi, welcome aboard!

    H8 Pro cam definately has severe hardware problems. I know one guy who also bought H8 Pro, but got a bricked cam shipped to him. I believe it's a similar situation as yours where a camera successfully passed factory QC (worked) and stopped working for some reason a while later being off during shipping period of time.
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