didn't want to go offtopic in other topic, so I opened new one.
I'm trying to create custom script based on YIMAX PRO, but need help with few stuff.
I want to create script to get satisfying OOC movie (for my taste ofc) and minimize postprocess, bring down just to cut/transition/light montage.
I would like to play around with video sharpness.
I saw on github, beside denoise, also coring.
Denoise should be just reducing NR to preserve more details and, if I figured it right, it's can be simply controlled with command line (I suppose that demosaic in gorpawn file also have some impact).
For coring I see that it should be also loaded via script as separate file.

So, the questions (I will numbering my question for easier answering - thanks nutsey )
1) is it posible to add (copy/paste) content from coring file to goprawn and combine it with denoise to get better results with sharpening? (if that make sense?)

I haven't try coring method, I see that it contain "just" numbers. I looked at other forums and saw same file but with other number values.
I see that goprawn file also disables sharpening filters, so I guess that I will need to play around with that, so any hint is appreciated.

2) I would like to limit clips to ~2min e.g.
I guess that the easiest way would be to use offset (right term?) to limit file size, like for 4GB limit, but don't know which values should I use.
writew 0xC03AB4A0 0x????
2min clip 1920x1080/30fps @35mpbs should be ~300MB

3) Does scene mode in script have any influence on video quality?
I saw this in someones script

#enable 1/13/14/34/38 scene modes: auto/landscape/portrait/through_glass/car_DV
t cal -sc 14

Tried in this script with auto, but didn't noticed any difference.
In unmodified script you set scene mode to 12, which is If I get It right, for low light.

4) I set bitrate to 35mbps, but I only get overall ~20mpbs which doesn't seems right? Or it is?

I've uploaded my custom script, so if you have time to check it and add any suggestion, that would be great.