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Yi Action Cam Z26L - 0% Battery Problem

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  • Yi Action Cam Z26L - 0% Battery Problem

    Hi, I'm new to this modifications of action cams.

    -I installed XIMODE 2.1 ( on my Yi Cam (Z26 - 1.5.4 firmware).
    I thought it was compatible to my firmware but later I realized that it's not.
    And now it only has red light in power button and 0% battery in app although it is fully charged.
    -I factory reset my yi cam but it is till 0%
    -I updated the firmware to 1.5.6 but it is till 0%.
    Maybe there's a conflict in the camera's script. I really don't know. lol

    Can someone help me resolve this? Thank you very much.
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    I have the same problem but I did not install any mods , so I think the reason is not in the script ... If anybody found how to fix the bug please let me know .


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      Just like Dismok announced i haven't used any mod as well and my camera is also at the 0% stage... not really sure if i can still use it or not... will have to try! Any news on any fix please let us know.


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        In it is noted, I believe that you must frist download a fw mod that a member named " Fried " has posted in the Yi original cam thread, before downloading the free Ximode 2.1. I'll go look for the thread and come back.I did that before the Ximode on my Z231 international version.
        Update: It is the on the first page of the thread: Yi action camera!
        Update to the update:
        I had thought that Ximode's sup-yi-view was working in my original intern't yi cam, but the new fw 1.5.6 was blocking it. I had the beeps and ring flashes ,but the cam was showing only the 16/9 recording instead of what you should see: 1200p/60 for Ximode!
        I uninstalled fw 1.5.6 and re-installed fw 1.2.13. Now I see the 1200p/60 for sup-yi-view! I hope this helps!
        My YI cam is Z231611AU...........
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