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    Got a new card which solved all the speed issues, raw captures normally, but if you try to take a normal photo after it, it wont work. Also debug raw doesnt work still, after appearing to take the photo, the screen goes black then the battery bar and timer show up with the rest of the screen remaining black until the camera is rebooted.

    Also Thieye customer support got back to me about RAW support in the firmware and they said they tried before but it caused heat issues and stability issues, so they decided to not officially support it in the firmware.

    edit: Even on the new card, which I tested at 29.9MB/sec write speed.. the recording cuts out at 1 to 1.5 minutes, - thats at 60mbps, 50mbps records uninterrupted.
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      Hi guys, SJ7 has a solution... SJ7 RAW
      OK So I’m a bit awkward but I prefer to use Linux rather than Windows. Luckily there’s a great raw image developer running on Linux called Darktable....


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        Here is our RAW banner

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          SJ7 has finally added RAW and converter in beta versions but the output still appears red.....

          Issue thread
          Hey guys, If there are any programmers out there with SJ7, then this SJ7 RAW thread may be for you :)


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            Could you share the download link to converter and a couple of sample RAWs

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            Darktable wouldn't recognize raw output from my Star, even after conversion to dng by the converter in DCT sj7 raw thread! I've had success in varying degrees with the converter in conjunction with UFRaw , GIMP ,and Rawtherapee!
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