Hello people,
sorry if there is already an answer to my questions, but as far as I searched I didn't find how to fix my Xiaomi

So, I got my YI 25L and got no AV output so I desided to change the firmware to 1.2.13. Since then I have my power button ring always red and 0% indicator in the iPhone app.

No AV output still. I tried using home made micro USB connector - one with OTG and one not. Didn't work on neither of the firmwares. I observed the data+ and data- pins and no pal/ntsc signal on the oscilloscope or to the transmitter.

I want to fix the problem with the 0% batt, as well as to use the camera for FPV. Which firmware to use for fixing the bug with 0% batt , and what special should I do to get the AV OUT working?

Regards and thanks for the answers in advance!