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Xiaomi Yi Z26L VS Z232L, Different

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  • Xiaomi Yi Z26L VS Z232L, Different

    Hello @ ALL,

    First Post first questions. I got an Xiaomi Yi Z23L for quite a while now, got the custom Firmware and theXIMODE 2.1 and all was good. So I thought get another Yi, and so I went and ordered another one... This time I got the Yi Z26L. As far as I found out now it has the Panasonic Sensor and the FW 1.5.4... So far so good, no more XIMODE 2.1 and somehow I can not use my filters anymore. It looks like is is not anymore 150° focal lenght. Now I got a round picture when I am using my CPL (Circular Pol Filter), did they change the lense as well? Somebody knows? Must be more 160+° now...? ---> Wrong setting.. all good

    Now I have to get some custom Autoexec etc... to get the BItrate to where I want it and need to sharpen the pic somehow... but I can find that here somewhere I think. - done

    I really like the YI cause of Forums like this here where we can actively change nearly everything we like in the cam itself. Keep the great work! Much appreciated!


    Here is one shord Vid I made with the Yi Z23L and the Circ Pol Filter...

    Allo good, got the old one 22L with Yimode 2.1 and the new one with Proscript... and guess what... it´s all the same, just what I wanted... Cheers
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