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  • Eken H8 Plus Heating

    Hi to all.
    I bought a Eken H8 Plus via Aliexpress. Firmware is STD_EKHK 20170223. I tested the cam using a waterproof (?) case and a bike mount. The phone froze after several minutes recording. I had screen- and energy saver activated. Yesterday I tested the cam without case, and without screen and energy saver. I recorded 15 Minutes without problems, but the phone got really hot. Might this be the problem for the freezing? Do your cams also get hot?
    Bye Jens

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    Yes, A12 chip is a real stove. I saw many users reporting the same problem with overheating...
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      j3_OF - i have this cam ( see this link here ) and yeah it gets hot all the time especially very much when wifi is on and its recording in 4k. damn like a hot stove top i can fry an egg on it. but normally don't use 4k or wifi. so, I have not tested all possible "hot" scenarios, and I normally use {○}1080p60fps (gyro ON) inside the waterproof housing/case outdoors in 30 C degree weather. It works fine, and has not frozen or failed yet. Maybe you can flash newer firmware.
      --note: you will need Winrar (unrar) version 5.0 or better to open that .rar download file

      or read some comments in some eken facebook groups:

      here is one post that would seem to work:
      Electrical engineer here.The Eken H8 PLUS model freezing issue after a short time is due to heat.
      Usually outside of the rugged/waterproof enclosure the camera would perform fine, however the enclosure
      will restrict airflow and cause the camera to overheat.
      A simple fix to help this issue is to thoroughly clean the inside of the enclosure and the front of the camera
      (I use Isopropyl alcohol) and place a small rectangle of thermal pad (very cheap on ebay) on the lower right
      of the camera under the lens - a larger area covered the better and this will dissipate the heat from the camera
      to the enclosure its self and from the enclosure to the outside air.
      I have confirmed recordings of over 1 hour in 4k from the Eken H8 Plus after this quick modification
      (less than 2 minutes until crash before modification).
      If Eken or anyone else has any further questions or wanting an image demonstrating how to do this modification please contact me here:
      Website -
      Email - [email protected]
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      also... I sometimes use the 2nd back cover on the waterproof housing that has two slits / vents on left / right sides when I don't need a "waterproof" case but just want to protect the lens and front face of the camera.

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    Does anyone have a an opinion on the H8 Plus in regards to heat & freezing compared to Thieye T5 or Firefly 8S?
    j3's issues sounds worrying, is this to be expected from H8 Plus? Can it be mitigated? What about the new firmware?
    I'm about to buy one, and I like the stabilization in 1080P + FrontLCD + 240FPS of the H8 Plus, but worried that they are "problematic" compared to my alternatives.


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    Originally posted by petesimon
    how about the V8s
    Definitely not .... There's serious problems with this model

    The heat can also be attributed to the SD card, I've seen improvements when a another/better SD card is used