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any deals on a ambarella A9 or A12 actioncam w/sony imx117 sensor?

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  • any deals on a ambarella A9 or A12 actioncam w/sony imx117 sensor?

    new member here... need to buy an action cam for upcoming trip and general use. Long time photographer my specialty is wildlife and astrophotography. I have a bunch of digital cameras but want something extremely lightweight and small that I can use for general pics/vids plus be able to mount it to a night vision scope I own and record videos. I've read up on this great forum and think a a12 or a9 based action cam with the sony imx117 is probably best bang for the buck. So what deals are out there currently? I'd like something with decent low light capability plus want to do slow motion so need the 1080px120 option. I don't have a set budget for this but obviously cheaper is always nice. If I cant find a good option in the 100-150 range, I might be best off to go for the sony action cams as I was told they excel at low light and can be had for around 200-250? thanks in advance for any advise you have. Oh and if I am off track on my selection... please tell me. No hurt feelings here. I know a lot about digital photography but very little about action cams other than I have one of the older gopro heri silver version which was my only action cam experience.

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    hey just wanted to update to say I saw the deal on gearbest on the T5e and went ahead and ordered it. Seemed like about the best deal around for a true 4k action cam so will just have to see how it does when it gets here. worst case scenario if it doesn't do what I hoped is I will use it to do slow motion wildlife stuff. bet the 240fps mode would be cool with hummingbirds.


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    hopefully it will do the job decently. It seemed to be the best budget priced one at the moment anyway. I am always up for some experimenting too so once I get it... might be reading up on the hacks available. Very informative forum! I am enjoying reading up on the subject. I have a bunch of regular digital cameras but only my old gopro hero 3 so this will be nice addition. If it doesn't work out for recording the night vision scope... I will use it on my drone and find a better for for recording night vision stuff. I used to be an avid hunter but now I get the same thrill from just photographing the wildlife.


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      BTW I Just saw a review on utube techTronic 9000 compares Andoer an 7000 cam (imx 117+A12) and the Thieye T5e as havingthe same hardware, certainly the cases are the same down to battery and usb connections superstructure. He also says the Andoer fw has more selections in the menu making it more useable than Thieye's

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      TwoBlues See TechTronic9000's FaceBook group here for info and tips for T5e cam.

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    I didn't see that video yet twoblues but thanks for the heads up. I was on vacation so just getting back into my groove at home. I will go watch that video for sure. I am shocked the andoer has more features though as the thieye seemed to have a ton of features on their menu. I wonder which ones the andoer has that the thieye doesn't .


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      Hawkeye Firefly 8s (A12). ~$120 USD.
      FastTech / Aliexpress / Aliexpress2 / Gearbest and use coupon code GBF8SZC
      Also look for coupons inside the shopping websites, such as this
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