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Yi Action Cam script: Date / Time?

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  • Yi Action Cam script: Date / Time?

    Hi everybody,

    first of all I want to say Hello to all of you spending your time and putting efforts into these forums, thanks for that.

    Since I'm currently trying to configure my Yi Action Cam for a automatic long period timelapse google brought me here.

    What I've done so far
    - Automatically enabled telnet and ftp via autoexec.ash
    - Automatically starting captures with fixed ISO and speficied sleep time in autoexec.ash
    - got a automatic downloader for the pictures running on windows

    What's still open topics
    - clean up already downloaded files (well gonna manage that somehow)
    - create a shell script which periodically checks for current time, so the timelapse captures are stopped during nighttime

    and that's where I need your help

    I thought it would be that easy to create a .sh file which reads the current timestamp by

    now=$(date +"%T")
    unfortunately date always returns Thu Jan 1 00:01:29 UTC 1970, the timestamp on the pictures shows the correct time.

    Any Ideas how to read the correct date values on a Yi Action Cam? I'm afraid this could be a show-stopper for my project.

    Absolutely every help is much appreciated