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Replacement lens for IMX179 (M12 / S-mount)

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  • Replacement lens for IMX179 (M12 / S-mount)

    Hey guys! First post here, I'm quite confused. I got an F60B camera from GearBest (Allwinner V3 + IMX179 sensor) and I managed to scratch my lens really bad. I ran over it with a skateboard... The cam is fine, but I have to replace the lens. I spent the last 3 days researching sizes, sensors and manufacturers. From what I've read in the Allwinner V3 thread for this cam I can use any M12 lens. Can you suggest a good shop for lenses that won't cost as much as a new cam?

    I was thinking of this Xiaomi Yi replacement lens with IR but I'm not sure if it will be a match, because Yi uses IMX206. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

    Sensors reference from wiki: