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Git2 Lens removal

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  • Git2 Lens removal

    I wonder if anyone has had any experience with 'brute force' lens removal from Git2? I see the videos of complete disassembly to replace both lens and lens holder - but if the lens is standard M12*0.5 lens - why not just UNSCREW it and replace with different lens? PixAero does this for gopro and yi 4k... what is different about Git2?

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    The answer is pretty simple: It is glued into the holder.
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      I understand, but is the holder different than the holders of the Yi 4k and the gopro? They are all glued in, but online you can find videos of people using vicegrips and other stuff (pixaero has a nice 'key' that seems to work on some, but it doesn't look like there will be anything on the Git2 to grab with that key) so I guess the danger is that you break the holder before you break the glue... if it's just a standard M12 holder than perhaps it might give way with enough force.


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        Sorry, I'm such a fool - just found this

        exactly what I thought! You can pop the front off then turn the lens till it pops off!

        Sorry for the post


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          It's not difficult but has a very shallow mount compared to gitup. Can only use wide lenses with it but works well.