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  • Fast lens and dof

    So... I know low light performance of most action cams is poor, but I'd like to use few to record some live concerts, or so... and here comes my question. Is any quite cheap lens with F1.4/F2.0 anyhow viable? Isn't depth of field too shallow, I know these sensors are tiny, but it'd be lovely to capture everything in few meters range in focus?

    If you got any experiences with fast lenses I'd love if you could share them below, found a topic on dashcam talk, but it's rather about using cam as dashcam, which isn't exactly what I need.

    Here is short example of my kind of usage:
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    1. You will not get any serious DOF problems if the lens is focused to infinity.
    2. Faster lenses tend to have sidelight issues. You'll need to use a custom lens hood.
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