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Xiaomi YI smart dash cam - UART through putty - empty terminal window

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  • Xiaomi YI smart dash cam - UART through putty - empty terminal window

    Hi, I am trying to repair my Xiaomi YI smart dash cam. I wanted to change its language from china to english. I have made mistake in camera's SN, so I cant run any firmware there. I need to rewrite the SN to correct one and only one possiblity is through UART RX and TX contacts, as is mentioned in this walkthrough:

    I am using this USB to TTL converter:

    Convertter is properly recognized and installed in windows. I have set up everything in Putty as walkthrough says. When I connect camera, it will start up, showing logos on LCD, play melody, etc.
    But I am not seeing any boot info, or any other info...just blank empty putty window.

    Can someone clarify, if my USB to TTL converter is suitable for this? because its probably last thing I think it can cause problems. Thanks

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    Try using a CP2102 USB to TTL converter. You can find one on Aliexpress for ~$1 with shipping.
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      Thanks. I have ordered that one with CP2102 and another with PL2303HX chip. We'll see what one does the job then :-)
      I am just you know why it can not work with my current one with CH304G chip?